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Drive for Xbox 360 slim... Drive for Xbox 360 slim...

Drive for Xbox 360 slim LiteOn DG-16D4S 0225 unlocked

Price PLN100.00

This unlocked Lite-on DVD Drive is perfect for replacing or upgrading most of your Xbox 360 Drive (mostly installed in Slim consoles produced before 8/2011). The Lite-on drive is the first model used by Microsoft in Xbox 360 Slim. If your console is struggling to read disks, reports errors, or has compatibility or speed problems when playing back up...

Maximus Trident MX Maximus Trident MX

Maximus Trident MX

Price PLN59.99

The Maximus Trident MX is a spear / probe device that can be used on the Xbox 360 Slim Lite-On DG-16D4S drives that have the Macronix SPI chips to unlock them, the process does not require any soldering and only 1-track needs to be cut for the process making it very user friendly for those new or old to drive flashing. 

Unlocked PCB Hitachi... Unlocked PCB Hitachi...

Unlocked PCB Hitachi LG-0500 0502

Price PLN50.00

This is perfect replacement Board for Xbox 360 with slim Hitachi-LG 0500 /0502 Drive.It is custom designed PCB which can Fully compatible with 9504, 0225 and 0401 fw revisions .and you don't need to waste your hitachi drive to replace with slim Liteon drive. just replace the Drive Board.

LTU2 Perfect Board for... LTU2 Perfect Board for...

LTU2 Perfect Board for DG-16D5S

Price PLN80.00

Do you have a faulty Liteon DG-16D5S DVD in your Xbox 360 ? Are you swapping your drive to another console and are unable to program your firmware due to write protection being enabled ? 

Maximus Scorpion 2

Maximus Scorpion 2

Price PLN60.00

The Scorpion is a board that will allow users to extract the keys from Lite-on 83 v2 & 93 drives without cutting any tracks or having to solder to rebuild the cut tracks.