Complete Blu-Ray drive KEM-497AAA PlayStation 5 PS5 CFI-1016a


Complete Blu-Ray drive for Play Station 4 Slim CUH-2216

  • Original SONY product
  • Warranty 12 months
  • Can be installed in our service
  • Product refurbished
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Complete Blu-Ray drive for PlayStation 5 PS5 CFI-1016a

Blu-Ray drive requires replacing if:

  • Console cannot read discs
  • Game loading time is increased, drive works very loud
  • Error "Could not read the disk" occurs
  • CE-x errors occurs
  • Console shows prompt to clean the disk

Warning! If console does not accepts or ejects the disk, that's symptom of corrupted mainboard (or drive's electonics) an probably drive. Replacing Blu-Ray drive only may not solve the problems!


  • Brand new laser and mechanism
  • Complete Blu-Ray drive only, with logic motherboard UHN-010
  • Drive with KES-4967 laser and KEM-497AAA mechanism included

Compatible with:

  • PlayStation 5 PS5 CFI-1016a

Our drives has only new lasers, and were completely refurbished by its manufacturer. They have 12-month warranty. Some drives may have marks of use, but most important parts (lasers, motors, ribbons) are brand new.

Replacement of drive should be done by qualified technician. To fully working this drive needs original logic board UHN-010 paired with motherboard!

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Hurry! only 8 items left in stock.

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