Internal power supply adapter M1014769-006 Microsoft Xbox One X 1815


Power supply M1014769-006 for Microsoft Xbox One X

  • Original Microsoft product
  • Warranty 12 months
  • Can be installed at our service
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Power supply M1014769-006 for Microsoft Xbox One X

If your console has one of the following symptoms: 

  • is not turning on
  • is "dead"
  • powers off immediately after booting
  • needs re-plugging to power on

that may mean that your power supply is broken. Replacing it may give your console second life, and allow you to enjoy your games


  • Original Microsoft product
  • Compatible with Xbox One X
  • Model M1014769-006
  • Microsoft Product Number: M1014770-008

Technical specifications: 

  • Input 200-240V 1.3A 60/60Hz i 100-127V 2,75A 50/60Hz
  • Output 12V 20,42A

Can be used with: 

  • Microsoft Xbox One X model 1787

Not compatible with: 

  • Microsoft Xbox One model 1520, 1540
  • Microsoft Xbox One S model 1681, 1682


Before ordering, make sure this power supply is compatible with your console. Usage of uncompatible power supply may casue damage of your supply and/or console!

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: 35 Items
Hurry! only 35 items left in stock.

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